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{ Handy crochet basket...}

- 4 mm crochet hook (US G)
- 100 % cotton yarn for a 4 mm hook

Abbreviations (US Terms)
st = stitch
ch = chain
sc = single crochet

Finished size: 
This basket measures 30 cm long and 25 cm tall.
Of course, should you choose a different hook and yarn, final measures will vary.

Ready? Let's begin...

{Using the color of your choice... This basket is crocheted in spirals or rounds...)
1. Chain 48 ch stitches. Crochet 2 sc (increase) in the 2nd ch from hook and then 1 sc in each of the following 45 ch stitches. Crochet 4 sc (2 increases) in the last ch stitch, which will allow you to turn and work on the other side of the foundation chain. Crochet 1 sc in each of the following 45 ch stitches and, finally, 2 sc (increase) in the last ch stitch. Total stitches: 98
2. Crochet 1 sc, 1 increase, 45 sc, 1 increase, 2 sc, 1 increase, 45 sc, 1 increase and, finally, 1 sc (102)
3. to 7. Crochet 102 sc
8. Crochet *49 sc, one decrease*, repeat * twice (100)
9. Crochet *48 sc, one decrease*, repeat * twice (98)
10. Crochet 98 sc
11. Only through backloops, crochet 98 sc
12. to 42. Crochet 98 sc
Close, break the yarn and weave in ends.

{Make three, using the color you chose for the basket...}
1. Chain 48 ch stitches
Close and break the yarn.

- Fold the straps in halves and sew them, by their middle, in one of the edges of the basket: one in each end and the third one in the middle.

Done! We have finished!